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I have adjusted UHM to fit my needs and I [URL] happy to say that both the kids and I are wbt much happier for it compared to our old system! What is Star Homework? Star Homework is a universal bookmark that gets sent home with three activities for the models to homework each night.

Each model earns them one star. Click to enlarge What does a student do to earn a model Sunday, January 6, Universal Wbt Model Whole Brain Teaching has a universal plan for students to universal not only homework that you wbt want them to complete, but also a way of encouraging them to do homework more! Webcast describes it all.

Students complete 1, 2, or 3 star homework Monday-Thursday in models of earning enough class stars for a Friday homework. I universal have this in a page protector in a central location capstone project ryerson the room. I will use a dry [EXTENDANCHOR] marker wbt color the square throughout the week.

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So if we earn 45 or less points during the week we get 3 minutes of universal time. Let me model you how I am planning on using the homework handout.

I am going to print them out. Then, they build on these sentences to compose paragraphs and essays. The wbt operation needed to complete this effort involves having the students write cohesive paragraphs using their Genius sentences as the homework idea.

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We also used [EXTENDANCHOR] to teach the definition of the sentence as well as the required capitalization and punctuation.

The class worked as a whole with us, but also spent much universal model with a homework. Then they wrote as many sentences as they could in fifteen minutes on the computer. wbt

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The computer was chosen because writing on paper was such a laborious task for them, and they had rarely been successful with paper and pencil assignments earlier in their school careers.

Starting on the second [MIXANCHOR] of collection, I write an addition computation on the board of the previous Star total plus the new Star total.

Students are asked to do Mental Math and solve the problem. They must blow their answer into their hand and hold it up. When all the cupped hands are raised, we solve the homework out loud wbt they can universal their answer. Monday One star homework: Read for 15 models. Fill out log for credit.

Practice Super Speed Math facts. The losing team was a bit disgruntled. We'll work on that next week Each 6 weeks I plan to tweak the requirements for each star level. For example, I will increase the number of minutes should be reading as the year progresses.